WhatsApp Screen Lock Feature Rolled Out For iOS Users; Here's How Apple Users Can Use WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication To Keep Conversations Safe
Photo Credits: Facebook

We previously reported that WhatsApp soon will be introducing a new fingerprint authentication feature to the instant messaging platform. In a bid to make the platform safer and secure, the company has started rolling out this feature. However, this new feature is currently rolled out for iOS beta users only. Moreover, there are also reports in the market that WhatsApp will also be introducing dark mode soon. Facebook-WhatsApp Integration Not Happening Before 2020; Confirms CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Spotted by WABetainfo, the new fingerprint authentication feature on WhatsApp has been added to the new beta update which is published through TestFlight beta program. Moreover, it is part of features being rolled out by the company through first official beta program. The new update brings fingerprint lock feature to the WhatsApp application on Apple iPhone, which is introduced to make conversations on WhatsApp safer in addition to already existing end-to-end encryption. OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 6 Facing Poor Audio Quality Problems During Calls or Voice Recording on WhatsApp, Snapchat.

Having said that this new feature is currently rolled out to iOS users, the iPhone X or above users gets FaceID unlock. However, the iOS users below iPhone X gets TouchID or passcode. This new authentication feature is offered under WhatsApp Setting >> Account >> Privacy.

In order to initiate authentication feature, the iOS users need to select the screen lock from the settings. Despite this feature, the users will be able to reply to the messages straightway from the locked screen notifications. Moreover, the users can also reply to calls without any authentication.

Firstly, the users need to configure the TouchID or FaceID unlock feature on WhatsApp. For using this feature, it is necessary to close the application and restart the same. Now, the application will ask to authenticate for using WhatsApp. If in case the authentication fails, the users can use passcode for accessing the application. Moreover, the users can now download a specific sticker from the stickers pack, now they don't need to download the entire sticker pack.