Seoul, November 25: In a horrifying incident, a woman who killed a stranger “out of curiosity” after being fascinated by true crime stories has been sentenced to life imprisonment in South Korea. True crime is a genre of non-fiction that deals with real crimes and investigations, such as books, podcasts, documentaries, or films.

According to a BBC report, the woman, Jung Yoo-jung (23), was a fan of crime shows and novels and scored high on psychopath tests. She wanted to “try out a murder”, so she used a tutoring app to lure an English teacher to her home in May. She stabbed the teacher more than 100 times, cut up her body, and dumped some of the parts in a remote area near a river in Busan. South Korea: 14 Severely Injured After Man Drives Car Onto Pedestrian Walkway, Stabs Nine People Near Seoul in Seongnam.

How Police Arrested Her and What They Found Out:

The police arrested Jung after a taxi driver tipped them off about a woman with a bloody suitcase that she left in the woods. The police also found evidence of Jung’s online research on how to kill and dispose of a body. They said she was careless and did not avoid CCTV cameras that captured her multiple times entering and leaving the teacher’s home. South Korea: 26-Year-Old Woman Under Influence of Meth Tries to Open Emergency Exit on Korean Air Flight, Arrested.

The court said the murder caused fear and distrust in society, as anyone could become a victim for no reason. Jung initially claimed she had mental disorders and hallucinations, but the court rejected her claim, saying the crime was carefully planned and executed. She also changed her story several times, saying she only moved the body or that there was an argument. Later, Jung accepted that crime shows and TV programmes aroused her interest in committing a murder. Prosecutors have demanded the death penalty for Jung.

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