James Gunn recently hosted the second session of his #QuarantineWatchParty with Twitterverse and this time the subject of discussion was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. From revealing the reason behind Rocket having tears in his eyes to Drax being Groot's all-time favourite, the director had some interesting episodes and information to share with all the Marvel fans this time. He also revealed how Gamora and Nebula were earlier restricted to having cameo appearances in Avengers: Infinity War but their roles got developed with time. James Gunn Names his Favourite Superhero Movie of all Time and it's Not an Obvious Choice.

When Gunn was questioned if he knew the roles these sisters would eventually play in Infinity War or Endgame or did he had to adapt along the way, the director clarified saying, "Originally they were solely going to cameo in “Avengers 3” but by the time I was writing the screenplay for Vol 2, it became something more." He even revealed how he always knew about Gamora's fate and that he was always a part of the decision making process.

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Speaking about the sisters who were always pitted against each other by their father, Thanos, Gunn explained the way he picturised their stories. "With Nebula and Gamora I wanted to tell the story of sisters - something uncommon in big adventure films - and humanize Nebula, who was pretty strictly villainous in the first film," he revealed. James Gunn Reveals This Sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy Was a Nightmare to Shoot - Here's Why!

Check Out James Gunn's Tweet

Well, the fate certainly got them closer but we are still unsure if Gamora is still alive after Iron Man's snap in the Endgame climax. Did she survive the snap somehow or did she die like the rest of Thanos' team? We'll know about this in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Let's keep guessing till then.

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