It's been 25 years since the famed TV series, Friends aired its pilot episode on September 22, 1994. Feel old already? Over the years, the show has also managed to revive its audience as it seeped even into the millennial culture thanks to streaming platforms. The show probably binds over two generations now as it remains relatable on the grounds of true friendship. The show not only gave us iconic, relatable characters of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Ross and Phoebe but also Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow who rose to fame with the series. Friends 25th Anniversary Special: Fans Thank the 90s Sitcom With Their All-Time Favourite Moments on Twitter for Always Being There.

Friends has been that show which has had a massive repeat audience and it is most likely that a regular fan of the series has easily watched the show minimum twice. It's normal for a fan of the series to quote it and you'll even find them annoyed if you fail to get the reference. Such has been the popularity of the show that the catchphrases from it made their way on T-Shirts and mugs way before the makers came up with the idea of merchandising. As the show completes 25 years since it first aired, we look at some of the Friends comebacks that we successfully use in our daily lives. Friends 25th Anniversary Special: Why Rachel, Monica & Phoebe’s Lessons in Motherhood Were Ahead of Their Time. 

1.How You Doin?

Joey's famous quote.
Joey's famous quote. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

2. We Were On a Break

Ross' best line from Friends.
Ross' best line from Friends. (Photo Credits: Pintrest)

3. Joey Doesn't Share Food

Joey's quote on Friends.
Joey's quote on Friends. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

4. Not Just a Hat Rack My Friend

Joey's hat rack quote.
Joey's hat rack quote. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

5. My Sandwich

Ross' Sandwich quote from Friends.
Ross' Sandwich quote from Friends. (Photo Credits: Pintrest)

6. Unagi

Unagi quote on Friends.
Unagi quote on Friends. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

7. It's a Moo Point

What's a Moo point?
What's a Moo point? (Photo Credits: Instagram)

8. No Uterus No Opinion

Rachel's iconic quote from Friend.
Rachel's iconic quote from Friends. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

9. "I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"

Chandler's famed comment.
Chandler's famed comment. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

10. I Knowww (Monica's Tone)

11. BTW You're Means You Are, YOUR Means Your

Ross' English lesson. (Photo Credits: Facebook)
Ross' English lesson. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

12. PIVOT!!!

Ross' sofa moving day quote
Ross' sofa moving day quote. (Photo Credits: Pintrest)

13. He's Her Lobster

Phoebe's Lobster theory
Phoebe's Lobster theory. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

14. Ohhh-My- Godd!! ( Janice Style)

15. One Mississipi... Two Mississipi

How does Ross count?
How does Ross count? (Photo Credits: Twitter)

16. I'm a Human Doodle

Rache's face drawing comment.
Rache's face drawing comment. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

17. Not Just Clean.. Monica Clean

What is too clean? (Photo Credits: Twitter)
What is too clean? (Photo Credits: Twitter)

18. London Baby!!!

Joey in London.
Joey in London. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

19. They Don't Know That We Know That They Know

Who knows what?
Who knows what? (Photo Credits: Twitter)

20. Morning's Here!

21. I'm Curvy and I Like It

Joey's curvy quote.
Joey's curvy quote. (Photo Credits: Pintrest)

22. Oh, I'm sorry. Did My Back Hurt Your Knife?

Rachel's back-stabbing quote.
Rachel's back-stabbing quote. (Photo Credits: Facebook)

23. Do You Have Plan? I Don't Even Have a 'Pla'

Phoebe's Plan.
Phoebe's Plan. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

24. I'm Sorry! (With Air Quotes)

When Joey says Sorry!
When Joey says Sorry! (Photo Credits: Instagram)

25. That's a Great Story. Can I Eat It?

Joey's hangry quote.
Joey's hangry quote. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

We bet you have used these popular quotes at some point in your life if you're a Friends fan. Do comment and tell us your favourite quotes from the series.

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