Does Your Boyfriend Have Commitment Phobia? Here's How to Deal With Him
Commitment Phobia (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We're not trying to be biased here but men tend to be more commitment-phobic than women, and that's the one thing that hasn't changed till date. There are chances a guy might really, really like you but would be afraid of committing to you. His reasons could vary from trust issues to bitter past experiences and so on. But his decision of not committing to the relationship might affect your equation with him too if you do really like him.

If you are a woman and you've been asking your man, who also seems to be very interested in you, to commit to you and for some strange reason, he's just not sure about the relationship, we hear you! It can be a tad bit taxing to constantly chase him to get you to commit to you but you gotta give it some time. There could be several reasons why he isn't ready and there's no use you rushing him into a relationship because it will only make him distance himself from you even more. Signs That He Is In a Relationship with You Only For Sex.

Most men go through a weird feeling at least once in their life when they feel that they're being tied down to one woman for a very long time. For some of them, it could be hard to digest the fact that they're settling down with one woman for the rest of their lives. The idea of him losing his freedom can baffle him like anything! Another reason why he may not be ready to fully invest himself in the relationship could be because he may have trust issues. It's going to take him a while to understand that unlike the previous girls, you're not going to be dishonest or deceit him in any way.

Another possible reason why he may not be ready to go all out with committing to you could be because he's seeing other women. Or at least, he wants to. Now you and us are no one to judge his choices but he makes this known to you, you gotta be open to it. After all, you cannot force him to be exclusive with you unless he wants it too! How to Break Up With a Jealous, Insecure and Control-Freak Partner? – Relationship Query of the Day.

However, once a man realises that he is ready to take on the responsibility of a mature adult relationship, he would never back down or shy away from committing. So wait for the right guy to come along, who would want to commit to you as much as you'd want to too!