Bianca Censori, the 29-year-old model and architect, has made waves with her audacious and eye-catching fashion choices. Accompanying her husband, Kanye West, 47, Censori's outfits have sparked conversations and debates about the boundaries of fashion. From malfunctioning barely-there tape to sheer, nude bodysuit-- curiously controversial looks donned by Kanye West’s wife:

The Barely-There Tape Outfit

On a luxurious evening out at Gigi Paris, Bianca Censori donned an outfit that turned heads and raised eyebrows. Reports suggest that Kanye West spent over $50,000 (£39,500) for the extravagant dinner, but it was Censori’s outfit that stole the show. Fashioned seemingly from tape, her ensemble featured makeshift shorts and two strategically placed straps across her chest. While posing for photos with her stylist, Gadir Rajab, Censori seemed blissfully unaware that her daring outfit was starting to come apart, adding an unintended layer of drama to the night.

The Sheer, Nude Bodysuit

During the Prototypes Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 show, Bianca Censori made another bold appearance. Seated in the front row with Kanye, she wore a sheer, nude-coloured bodysuit that left little to the imagination. Her attire drew significant attention, overshadowing the runway models and making a strong statement about her fearless approach to fashion. The outfit's revealing nature ensured that all eyes were on her, cementing her status as a fashion provocateur.


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More of Bianca's Pics From The Same Outing

The Naked, No-Underwear, See-Through Dress

Censori’s streak of controversial fashion choices continued with another jaw-dropping outfit. For a dinner date, she opted for a see-through dress that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Photographs of the evening captured the shock and awe of onlookers as Bianca strutted confidently in the revealing attire, seemingly without any underwear. This bold choice further demonstrated her willingness to challenge conventional fashion norms and push boundaries.

Bianca Censori's outfits have not only highlighted her bold fashion sense but also sparked conversations about the evolving landscape of fashion and the fine line between daring and controversial. Each ensemble, from the tape outfit to the see-through dress, has underscored her confidence and her desire to make unforgettable fashion statements.

Bianca Censori Outfits In a Nutshell

As Paris Fashion Week continues, all eyes remain on Bianca Censori, eager to see what other daring choices she will make. Her fearless approach to fashion serves as both inspiration and a topic of debate, ensuring her place in the spotlight.

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