23 May, 00:21 (IST)

The Shawwal crescent marking the end of Ramadan was not visible by Muslims in any part of the world. Eid al-Fitr in most countries - including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain in Middle East, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia in North Africa and Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines in Southeast Asia - would be celebrated on Sunday, May 24.In Europe, Turkey, Albania, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina announced Sunday as the date of Eid observance. Muslims in France, UK and Spain would await the decision taken by Morocco Islamic Council on Saturday evening. If the moon is sighted in Morocco, then Eid could be celebrated together on Sunday in almost the entire western hemisphere.Attempts to sight the crescent would also be undertaken in the Indian subcontinent region. If the moon remains unseen, then that part of the world would observe Eid al-Fitr on Monday, May 25. Stay tuned with LatestLY for the second day of moon sighting coverage on Saturday. 

22 May, 22:36 (IST)

The crescent moon of Shawwal month is not sighted in Saudi Arabia, UAE, other parts of Middle East, Kerala and Karnataka in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, China and Russia. Hence, Eid will be celebrated in these countries on Sunday, May 24.

22 May, 21:36 (IST)

The crescent moon did not appear anywhere in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this evening. Therefore, Muslims in UAE will celebrate Eid on Sunday, May 24. Also, Shawwal month will begin from May 24.

22 May, 21:23 (IST)

The moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, Muslims in Saudi Arabia will celebrate Eid-al-Fitr and mark the beginning of Shawwal month on Sunday, May 24.

22 May, 21:18 (IST)

The moon is not sighted in Saudi Arabia so far. A final announcement on Eid date will be made soon.

22 May, 19:36 (IST)

All eyes are on Saudi Arabia where the announcement about whether the moon is sighted will be made shortly. Stay here for live updates.

22 May, 18:40 (IST)

The moon is not sighted in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Hence, Eid or Eid-al-Fitr will be celebrated on May 24.

22 May, 17:58 (IST)

The National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) announced that Eid festival will be celebrated on May 24 in the Philippines as the moon is not sighted this evening. Ramadan month will complete 30 days.

22 May, 17:43 (IST)

The moon is not sighted in Singapore. Hence, Mufti Dr Nazirudin Mohd Nasir has announced that the Ramadan month will complete 30 days and Eid festival will fall on May 24.

22 May, 17:37 (IST)

The moon is not sighted anywhere in China, according to reports. Hence, Muslims in China will celebrate Eid festival on May 24.

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Riyadh, May 22: Muslims in some countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, United States and Canada will keep an eye on the sky this evening. The moon sighting will decide the date for Eid 2020 or Eid-al-Fitr festival and mark the culmination of Ramadan, also spelt as Ramzan. In the Middle East, the moon sighting attempt will be made in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Palestine and Israel. Catch live updates on the Eid moon sighting 2020 in different parts of the world. Eid al-Fitr 2020 Date in UAE: Moon Sighting Committee to Convene on Friday to Look For Shawwal Crescent.

In India, Muslims residing in Kerala and Karnataka will look for the moon this evening. The moon sighting will also take place in Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Nigeria, Somalia and other countries of Africa. Muslims in Australia, US and Canada will also attempt to sight the Eid moon. The attempt to see the moon to determine the date of Eid will also be made by Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.

People following the Islamic faith in the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, France and other parts of Europe will look for the moon this evening. Similar attempts will be made by Muslims in Russia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, China, Xinjiang, Turkmenistan, Kazakstan and Uzbekistan. The moon sighting assumes significance as the Islamic calendar follows the lunar cycle, and hence a month is either 29 or 30-day long.

If the moon is sighted this evening, Eid 2020 will be celebrated tomorrow (Saturday, May 23) in the above-mentioned countries of the world. If the moon remains invisible, Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Sunday, May 24. Stay connected with us to catch live updates on the moon sighting in different parts around the world.