Talk about the best events of all, World Chocolate Day 2019 is approaching and we know you cannot keep your calm. Not that you need a particular day to honour the existence of this sweet delight, but it is yet another chance to treat your sweet truth. Irrespective of all the love for chocolates, there is a significant reason behind the celebration of International Chocolate Day 2019, if history is to be believed. World Chocolate Day 2019 falls on July 7, every year and people across dive into the love of the sweet delight. Before you do that, let us take you to the history and significance to understand why World Chocolate Day 2019 is observed with such enthusiasm. 5 DIY Chocolate Recipes That You Can Whip Up at Home. 

World Chocolate Day 2019 Date

There are many events that occur every year, to mark the love for chocolates. The United States of America celebrates National Chocolate Day October 28, the rest of the world observes another chocolate day event during the Valentine week and so on. World Chocolate Day celebrated on July 7, has a different significance. Love Chocolates? Do Not Miss on These Absolutely Chocolicious Instagram Accounts. 

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World Chocolate Day 2019: History & Significance

July 7 World Chocolate Day celebration connects to the time when the sweet delight was first introduced to Europe in 1550. Legends believe that chocolate was first introduced in the European culture on July 7, 1550. Until then, chocolate was only popular to the natives of Mexico and parts of Central and South America. It is upon this discovery by foreign invaders, chocolates travelled to other parts of the world and quickly became a mainstay, everywhere it went.

So that you know, the history and significance as to why it is significant to celebrate World Chocolate Day, you know the right excuse to treat your sweet tooth. Not only that it tastes good, but Chocolates have many proven health benefits too.

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