Coronavirus Outbreak: What Is Difference Between Self-Isolation and Quarantine? Right Way to Home-Quarantine Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Home quarantine (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It's the COVID-19 pandemic, you have a travel history to a coronavirus-hit place, and you have been asked to self-quarantine. You have stocked up your groceries and canned goods, and you have everything that you need for fourteen days straight. You are also set with a list of shows that you want to binge on Netflix. But is that enough to stop the spread of the disease? How does self-quarantine work of you are living with your family or your roommates? Here's all you need to know.

What Does 'Quarantining' Actually Mean?

Quarantines are imposed to restrict the movement of people who may have come in contact with contagious individuals. It is a 14-day incubation period where you can live with your family and your roommates. Missing the Gym? These Workout During Quarantine Memes Will Leave You ROFLing While You Self-Isolate Amid Pandemic.

However, while you are quarantining CDC-recommends that you use a separate bed and a separate bathroom if possible. Wear a face mask when you are around other people in your family and do not share your dishes, towels or beddings. Keep a safe distance from people in your house and wash your hands frequently. The most significant lifestyle change when you are in quarantine is the lack of mobility. You are not supposed to step outside your home unless you need to go to the doctor. How to Self-Isolate in a Shared House? Google Searches Spike Amid Coronavirus Outbreak! Easy Ways to Practise Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Pandemic.

What Is the Difference Between Self-Quarantine and Self-Isolation?

Now that you know what quarantine is, you should also know that it is different from self-isolation. Self-isolation means separating yourself from the people tested positive for the infection. The social distancing tactics help you separate yourself from others and thus reduce the risk of disease. So, you are self-isolating if you are not going out to greet friends or meeting your neighbours for dinner. Life During Coronavirus Pandemic: Here’s How People Who Live Alone Can Keep Their Spirits High in Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Lockdown.

Also, remember that self-quarantine is not going to last forever, and you are potentially hurting others if you are hoarding. Order your essentials online. If you are infected, it is unlikely that you will transmit the virus to the delivery person. But the best way to avoid contact is to pay online and ask the delivery guy to leave your package outside.