Google India Starts 'COVID 19 Information and Resources' Website to Give Latest Updates, News & Trends on Coronavirus, Know More About it
COVID-19 Information and Resources website (Photo Credits: Google)

The deadly pandemic of Coronavirus is spreading at a vast rate in India. With over 1,000 cases and 48 deaths until now, the number of cases is rising. To offer all information about Coronavirus in the country, search engine Google has made a dedicated website for India. It includes all the latest information related to the COVID 19 flu, right from the symptoms, preventive measures and even offers some resources to help oneself during the quarantine. The company had made such a platform for the US and has emulated the same for India. Coronavirus Cases in India Jump to 1,637 as 240 Fresh COVID-19 Cases Emerge in 12 Hours.

This website is linked to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, so users can get authentic information regarding the official numbers. The four main sections are Health and Information, Safety and Prevention Tips, Data & Insights and Resources to Help. On the homepage, it gives a basic overview of Coronavirus disease, along with symptoms, prevention, treatments. It also has National Helpline numbers regarding Coronavirus. When Will Coronavirus End in India? This Graph Shows Importance of Lockdown and Forecast of Dates When India Can Get COVID-19 Free.

As you scroll down, there are a few PSA videos by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It lists down the five main things to do to stay safe from contracting this virus. It has also given common searches related to coronavirus (COVID-19) which has the most asked queries on the search engine. In the Data and Insights sections, it tells the most 'Trending coronavirus questions in India'. It basically gives an idea of what people in the country are searching about right now. Not Just Google 3D Animals, Bolo App to YouTube's DIY #WithMe, These Google Apps Features Can Help Keep Your Kids Stay Active at Home.

A little down, there's the last section called Resources to Help which has several videos guiding people on how they could spend their time. It has hobby ideas videos like DIY and cooking, along with Yoga playlist or what one can learn online. So it gives an overall idea of what is happening around Coronavirus. If you search for Coronavirus in India, you will see a different layout.  It presents the latest news as usual, but on the right side gives a map and on the left more information about COVID 19. Since Google has become the go-to option to check the latest news and updates, this new website,