Sagging is one of the harshest realities of ageing. Apart from your arms, cheeks, chin and eyelids there is some other body part that tends to sit lower than what it used to be in your younger days. Confused about what we are talking about? We are stressing on your balls. The truth is that they are not forever going to sit where they are. Don’t panic yet. While sagging is completely normal, there are ways to prevent your balls from dropping.

What Causes Your Balls To Sag?

Your testicles hang off away from the body as they like to stay cooler than the rest of the body as it is ideal for sperm production. Now it is the lax scrotal skin that allows your testicles hang lower, away from your body. With age, your skin loses collagen which causes the dermis to become thin and stretchy. And no, your private parts aren’t excluded from the phenomena. And while there is no set age when the changes begin to occur, most men start to notice difference in their 60s or 70s. What’s the Average Penis Size Around the World? Find Out Which Countries Have the Biggest and Smallest Male Genitals.

Could Saggy Balls Be A Sign Of A Health Problem?

Sagging occurs naturally and low-hanging testicles are not a problem unless it starts impacting your quality of life that is making it hard for you to sleep, find clothes and even go to the bathroom. That stretching of skin can eventually result in pain.

However, sometimes medical problems can make your balls appear saggier. So if things look awry, get yourself checked for hernia and cyst.

Is There A Way To Prevent Low-hanging Balls?

The best bet is to have a skincare routine to maintain healthy skin. This includes eating right, not smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy body weight and avoiding exposure to the sun. Penis Fillers Are a Latest Trend for Men Who Want to Increase Their Manhood Size, But Should You Get One?

Is It Possible to Treat Saggy Balls?

You must have heard and read of multiples of exercises out there to reverse saggy balls. They are however not true.  And before you turn to Google for those creams and lotions, understand that there are really no medications or cream that work.

In fact, there is just one treatment from ‘scrotoplasty’ which is a process of taking out the extra skin to tighten up the balls. However, doctors only perform this procedure when it starts impacting the quality of your life.

Remember, though, a confident man can rock a set of low-slung plums if he likes. And if you can do that, it just goes on to show that you are always as young as you feel – even if your shrivelled, elongated sweetbreads say otherwise.

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