Deepika Padukone is one of the very few actresses who does not hide what she eats. Known for a lean and athletic body in Indian cinema, she urges her fans to be positive about weight loss journey.

Deepika is not someone who would starve herself to lose weight, rather she is the one who admits to fulfilling her cravings during the evenings. Whenever she has to lose weight, she does it by having proper food and a heavy workout.  Deepika Padukone to Launch Lecture Series on Mental Health; Says ‘It Will Bring People from Different Walks of Life Together.’

Deepika has confessed that she loves sipping on filter coffee and enjoys eating idli sambhar. According to Filmfare, her breakfast generally includes two egg whites on a toast. Along with it, she has low-fat milk that keeps her glowing and presentable. Her non-veg lunch plate generally has grilled fish so as to avoid fats settling down in the body due to oil. She is all open to eating any vegetable when it's time for a vegetarian lunch. In between every meal, she makes sure to have a bowl of seasonal fruits as a quick and healthy snack. Keeping her dinner light, she prefers eating salads, chapati, veggies and a proper balanced diet so that her body is charged enough to work for some extra hours.

Deepika Padukone With Celebrity Trainer Yasmin Karachiwala

Here's More of Deepika Working Out With Yasmin

The actress generally trains with celebrity trainer Yasmin Karachiwala and personal trainer Nam Wook Yang. She balances her body in a very beautiful manner by losing weight with Yoga and practising Pilates. In an interview with Filmfare, Yasmin revealed, “She (Deepika Padukone) loves Pilates. Her problem area is her legs and she loves to work them out. She follows nutritionist Pooja Makhija, so she eats every two hours. She never cheats. Deepika has been training five times a week most of the times, But I have to admit she is very passionate about fitness like a true-blooded athlete, and enjoys every bit of working out.”

Deepika believes that if someone wants to lose weight, they need to focus on what they eat and how they burn the calories rather than starving themselves.

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