What is the correct way to use condoms? Is it necessary to use condoms every time? What to do if the condom breaks or slips during sex? These are some of the most commonly asked queries. Sometimes these doubts even make people skip wearing a condom BUT one must understand that condoms are the most effective and safe way to provide protection against both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are made of a special type of rubber (latex) and is known to work the best when it comes to protection during sex.

How to Wear a Condom?

Open the condom packet from the corner. Never tear it from the middle. Now press this open packet from one side and take out the condom slowly. Now, for placing the condom on the penis, keep its closed end on the stimulated penis by pressing it with your finger and thumb and slowly open it and cover your entire penis so that no air remains in the condom. After ejaculation, gently remove the condom and tie a knot on its open end so that the semen does not come out. Now wrap this used condom in paper before throwing it in the garbage.

From Breaking to Slipping, Ways to Deal with Condom Emergencies During Sex

For protection from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, it is necessary that condoms are used correctly and regularly and of course, to use a new condom properly every time you have sex! Many think that condoms are thin and weak and are believed to break easily. BUT this is not true, if the condom is used correctly, as described above, it is very unlikely to burst. So if your condom bursts repeatedly, it may be that you're are not using the condom properly. Keeping the following things in mind to lower the chances of bursting and slipping of condom:

  • Each condom is closed in a separate packet. Carefully open the packet from the corner so that the condom does not break or pierce while opening the packet.
  • Never open the condom before inserting it on the penis, placing it on the stimulated penis and gently opening it on the penis.
  • It is very important to remove the air from the closed end of the condom because this is where the semen coming out of the penis is collected. If there is not enough space for the semen to collect, the condom can burst.
  • Don't use two condoms for better protection because it doesn't work! It will increase the friction between the condoms and also increase the possibility of condom rupture.

Lastly, make sure to check the 'expiry date' written on the condom packet before use and also make sure that the condom is checked electronically before purchase.

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