Wedding Cancellations Due to Coronavirus: How to Cope With Postponement of Your Big Day and What You Should Do Next
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The coronavirus pandemic has created chaos across the world, forcing people to stay indoors to avoid and contract the deadly disease. Like many events, the wedding season has been affected adversely. Would-be brides and would-be grooms are compelled to cancel their ceremony on a special day that they were probably planning for months to say ‘I Do.’ Some are in constant touch with the vendors and their wedding planners, while others are desperately looking for an alternative. This is why, the virtual wedding became an instant hit, with couples exchanging their vows in the presence of friends and family online. If the COVID-19 pandemic has cancelled your big day too, there are a few things you should consider at the moment instead of freaking out. In this article, we recommend you a few steps on how to cope with wedding cancellations and what you should do next. How to Host Virtual Wedding Amid Coronavirus Crisis? Follow These Ideas and Say ‘I Do’ Online During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The COVID-19 spread across the world have enforced people to indulge in virtual celebrations. Google recently revealed the search interest surrounding ‘coronavirus wedding cancellations,’ spiked +3,200%, in the past month in the United States of America. One of the significant reasons could be the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which recommended the cancellations of weddings in the US until mid-May. It means the change of plans for weddings within the next few weeks. Besides, countries like India, Italy, France and others which are under lockdown to contain the spread of the virus has also forced couples to cancel their big day. How to Celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries and Festivals While Self-Quarantining: Alternative Ideas to Make Celebrations Memorable Amid COVID-19 Pandemic. 

How to Cope With Wedding Cancellations?

Keep calm! The coronavirus has disrupted the wedding industry. The news that many wedding planners are no longer taking applications has thrown a spanner in the works for many betrothed couples’ plans. Some had to postpone or even cancel the ceremony. It is a tough time, and the cancellation of the wedding that you and your partner have been planning for months can cause anxiety. Taking too much stress will affect your health. It is now time to focus on how to stay prepared for the coming months. Instead of freaking out, focus on what can be done next!

What You Should Do Next?

1. Follow the news closely and maintain an open conversation with the vendors. Revisit the contract to what might happen if you cancel or postpone the ceremony. At this global crisis, both the customers and vendors will have to come up with a solution together. Ask them what they can provide the best if you need to postpone your event or even cancel it.

2. Inform your guests and let them know you will keep on the loop if any plans change. You can also add the link to the latest updates related to COVID-19 and guidelines all of us at the moment should follow to curb the spread, so that the wedding happens sooner!

3. In case your wedding involves travel, understand the cancellation policies. Contact your hotels or cruise managers on potential waivers or flexible policies that will allow them to move dates without an additional cost.

4. You can consider a Livestream event. Like we said earlier, a virtual wedding is the latest hype among couples. You must have come across many videos and pics where love birds are seen exchanging their vows online with the presence of many social media followers. You can otherwise go for a conference call. Zoom allows about 100 participants for each meeting. Prepare a guest list, set a date and time for the big day.

At the moment, it is essential to be aware of the latest developments surrounding the deadly virus. Staying at home and maintain social distance is the significant recommended way to keep yourself safe and contain the spread. This moment shall pass and very soon, you will be able to make your dream wedding happen. And for those who are getting ready to plan for 2021, we would advise you to hold that thought as of now and study the present situation. There is no need to rush into anything!