The wildlife is pretty interesting to watch, the animals, their growing up and how they learn on hunting and the likes. Which is why some people are glued to watching the documentaries and shows that give a glimpse of life into the wild. After a video of tiger and python's confrontation went viral, another one of the same kind has been shared on Twitter. This time it is an attack by a leopard on a python snake. The leopard treads very carefully and manages to attack the snake, grabbing it by its neck. Now, the question is, can pythons have a stand over such wild cats? Leopard Kills a Python and Smashes The Snake's Skull During Epic Battle in Africa's Masai Mara National Park (View Thrilling Pics).

IFS Susanta Nanda shared a video of a leopard attacking a python today. It is an old video from the Kruger National Park in Africa. The video is a part of the entire attack, it shows how the leopard is carefully before it uses its paw to make an attack on the deadly snake. IFS officer wrote in his caption, "Leopards are opportunistic hunters. Here it takes care so swiftly..." Florida Snake Hunter Catches Giant Man-Eater 17-Foot Python After a Bloody Battle (Watch Terrifying Pic and Video).

Check The Video Here:

Here's The Whole Video of The Same Fight:

Now although the python has managed to escape in this case, the question is can it take over the predator? Pythons are dangerous snakes but do they stand a chance against such wild cats? In the tiger vs python video, it felt like the python was dangerous enough for the tiger and in this one the snake is smaller. But do these snakes attack the big wild cats like tigers or leopards?

Are Pythons Venomous and How Do They Kill?

The most primary question regarding all snakes is whether they are venomous. Pythons are not venomous. They are a family of non-venomous snakes and are in over 40 species. They kill their prey by constriction. They have sharp teeth which they use for grasping on to their prey. They swallow their prey whole and it takes days to weeks depending on its size. Pythons do target larger animals and have been recorded to have eaten humans too. They usually eat animals the size of larger house cats or even a deer.

But it is very unlikely for them to stand a chance against the wild ferocious cats like tigers and leopard. Fully grown wild cats are more aggressive and can take over the snake with their claws and sharp teeth. There have been attacks captured on camera of python attacking a tiger or a leopard, but it is rare for the snake to emerge victoriously.

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