Couple Quarrels on West Bengal Railway Station, Goons Come to Rescue Only to Kidnap Wife
Couple (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

A quarrel between a married couple on a railway platform in West Bengal resulted in more trouble for them. An argument broke out between the two during Jamai Shashti celebrations in Nagerbazar. After a heated exchange, the woman took a train to Jgaddal from Dum Dum only to be stopped by her husband midway at Sodepur railway station. The couple started a fresh argument at 10 pm on the railway station garnering the attention of people.

Taking advantage of the situation, goons tried to meddle in the situation. Trying to solve the issue, the men asked them for a proof of their marriage. When the husband asked them to leave them alone, the goons became violent and started beating him up.

According to a report in India Today, while one of them started hitting the husband, the others tried to kidnap the woman. They tried to take the woman to a nearby secluded area. While Sodepur railway station is fairly populated, people on the platform did nothing to stop the goons and save the couple. Eventually, the goons had to let them go as the couple kept screaming.

The couple later filed a complaint with the GRP at Dum Dum station. The case is currently under investigation with a team being set up. No arrests have been made so far in the incident.