Florida Man Attacked a McDonald’s Employee for Not Getting a Plastic Straw, Gets Arrested (Watch Viral Video)
Florida Man Attacked a McDonald’s Employee. (Photo Credit: Facebook/TJ Biandudi)

TJ BiandudiWhenever there is a brawl between a customer and an employee it is usually the employee that faces the brunt of the situation. Something similar happened very recently at a McDonald's counter at St. Petersburg, Florida. A 41-years-old Daniel Taylor attacked Yasmine James who was serving at the counter for not getting a plastic straw. The whole incident was brought under the light by another customer in the restaurant at that time, Brenda Biandudi who pulled out her phone and recorded the brawl that took place at the counter. Se began recording seconds before Taylor grabbed James by her collar. McDonalds India Reduces Oil and Sodium in Its Burgers and Fries, Expert Says Fast Food Is Still Not Safe.

According to the Washington Post, Biandudi said that the argument began when wanted a staw and couldn't find it at the condiment bar. When he asked her for a straw, he was told that plastic straws are not available anymore at which Taylor began to scream. Biandudi said to TWP, "He was yelling and walking toward the counter, and the young lady behind the counter told him that it’s the law now that we’re not allowed to have straws in the lobby.”

"They started exchanging words laced with profanity, and he said there’s no such law that exists and she was saying yes it is a law,” Biandudi further confirmed. Take a look at the video of this fight that is going viral on the internet.

However, the man is arrested and spent New Year's day in a jail cell. Restaurants at St. Petersburg are not allowed to have straw; however, the customers may request for a straw with effect from January 1st. Plastic staws will not be allowed at all from 2020, and the restaurants will have to come up with alternatives.