Man in France Stays With 400 Reptiles in His House, Watch Scary Video
Man lives with 400 reptiles in his house (Photo credits: Video grab)

Reptile species might give many people the creeps but some people are very much amused by them. Like for a 67-year-old enthusiast has so much love for the reptiles that he shares his house with 400 of them. Phillippe Gillet has a collection of more than 400 animals which includes some of the most dangerous ones. Gillet has a house in western France near the city of Nantes which has rattlesnakes, alligators, tarantulas and lizard all staying together! It might be the worst nightmare for someone but for him, these are his companions. Rare Insects & Reptiles Worth Rs. 28 Lakhs Stolen From a Philadelphia Insectarium. 

His two alligators are named Ali and Gator, they are rescued ones. All of these reptiles are those which have been abandoned or donated. They are his pets now and he cares for them equally as a pet owner would look after his dog or cat. And he is legally doing all of this. He has acquired the permits required to own these dangerous reptiles. Woman Calls Firefighters to Rescue 'Huge Monitor Lizard,' Turns Out To Be a Small Gecko, View Pic! 

Take a look at Phillippe Gillet living with reptiles in his house:

He told Reuters that is unfair of humans to treat animals the way they do because of lack of understanding. Talking about his company of dangerous animals he says, "We don’t understand them, we hate them, we think they’re horrible. But when we get to know them, you can call them over, tell them to come and eat something for example.

He makes sure he organises awareness camps about reptiles, as people usually are very scared of these species elsewhere. Thankfully, his neighbours have gotten used to having these unusual animals in the area, but he has ensured that they are all safe. However, the local fire department is not allowed to enter his house. Well, of course, the need no rescue.