A squirming sea creature has washed up on Texas beach. The creature was found by Holly Grand from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department during a routine survey of the marine life at Nighthawk Bay. Footage shared by the department, which shows the creature squirming around in the hand of a member of staff. The department took to social media challenging its online followers to identify the creature. Since then it has sparked public curiosity, among wildlife lovers. The comments section of the post is filled with names of different creatures with some comparing it to the gruesome monster from the 1958 film The Blob, starring Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut. In reality, it is a sea hare, a type of marine snail is often found in that area. Viral Video of Mysterious Black Creature is Reminding People of Venom; Know More About Bootlace Worm, One of The Longest Animals on Earth.

Know All About Sea Hare

Julia Hagen, the spokesman for the parks and wildlife department, said the sea hare was found and recorded by a team of biologists before being returned to the water. Hagen said, "The most common guess on social media was The Blob, with a few guesses that were correct. As crazy as these sea hares may appear, they are not particularly rare or special and they're definitely not dangerous in any way. There are a couple of species of sea hare present in Texas bays - they can live in most shallow water, and temperate or tropical climates if there is an abundance of algae." She added, "We return all organisms to the water after they have been recorded." Mysterious-Looking Fish-Like Creature Washes Up South Carolina Beach (Watch Video)

Mysterious Sea Creature at Texas Beach:

One of the comments read, Looks very similar to the sea slug I found (and held in my hand briefly before releasing it) off Laguna Beach, CA, years ago." After someone explained why it look like a hare, the Texas Park commented, "The rhinosphores (antennae-like structures) on their head are said to resemble rabbit ears...at least someone thought so." A tweet reads, "Gawd! When I was a kid I saw this thing in a movie. I think it was called The Blob. Damn thing looks like a pile of moving snot." Pictures of Tiny Baby Ocean Sunfish Compared to Fully Grown Giants is Making Netizens Lose Their Mind! Know More About One of Heaviest Bony Fish in The World.

These sea hares grow upto 20 cm in length and are mostly found in shallow water. They feed on seaweek and have an internal shell around 4 cm long and transparent. They are hermaphrodites and can sometimes mate as both male and female. Nighthawk Bay, where this specimen was found, is part of the Laguna Madre - one of just six hypersaline bays in the world.

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