Taslima Nasreen Suggests 'Easy Way to Commit Suicide', Gets Heavily Trolled on Twitter
Bangladeshi Author Taslima Nasreen (Photo Credits: Twitter|@taslimanasreen)

New Delhi, August 1: Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen drew massive flak on social media after she wrote a post on Twitter which apparently suggested easy ways to commit suicide. Her tweet evoked sharp reaction from a section of the twitterati, asking her to be more responsible with the content she emanates from her account.

In her post, Taslima wondered why people committing suicide undergo painful measures when easier ways to end their lives viz. consuming an overdose of painkillers is available. Taslima Nasreen Gets One-Year Indian Residence Permit Extension

"So many painless ways to commit suicide. why hang yourself, drown yourself, or cut your wrist, why jump from the high rise building or the bridge, or swallow pesticide, or poison or why jump in front of an oncoming train? Take the lethal doses of morphine and die peacefully," she said.

See Taslima Nasreen's Tweet Below:

"Are you suggesting ways to commit suicide?"

May Encourage One to End Life:

'Simpler Would be To Read Your Rants'

Responding to the flak, Taslima said she was only pointing out that people endure unprecedented pain while attempting to commit suicide.

"People are committing suicide every day. Just 2 days ago the owner of Cafe Coffee Day jumped from the bridge. So painful death! (sic)," she said.

Further defending herself, the writer added, "I am not encouraging people to die. I am asking people who decided to commit suicide or who is determined to commit suicide, to get a peaceful way to do it. It is a positive tweet."

Notably, Taslima, originally a resident of Bangladesh, was forced to leave the nation in 1994 following a row over her staunch anti-Islamic writings. She was subsequently granted asylum in India.