Famous K-pop group BTS has an army for fans. And today they are trending on Twitter after fans share their first BTS music video.ChecTweet:

People are sharing random pictures of people and naming it after Bollywood stars. The memes are hilarious!

Pictures of new bush regrowing on the NSW Central Coast has taken over the internet and they are indeed mesmerising. View Pic:

Many footage are making rounds on the internet. In yet another tragic moment, an Aussie firefighter was captured feeding water to a thirsty Koala amid the bushfires. The clip has since gone viral.Watch Video:

A video was recently posted on Twitter that is gaining a lot of attention. It purportedly shows a technique that will you to peel an egg in just a few seconds. This video of the egg-peeling hack is now going viral.Watch the Viral Video:

Delhiites are experiencing extreme cold and now heavy rainfall since the past dew days, causing traffic snarls at multiple intersections. With the ongoing rainfall, people started to trend 'Delhi Rains' on Twitter, accompanied by trending hashtags.Check Tweets:

Kalpa in Himachal Pradesh received a fresh snow early this morning, turning the place into a winter wonderland. A beautiful video of the snow blanketing the region has been shared on Twitter.Watch video here:

Mumbai residents held a protest at the Gateway of India standing in solidarity with the students of JNU. Among the protest, the video of old man dancing is winning hearts. Watch the video here:

Elon Musk was at the launch of Tesla's Model Y in Shanghai, China. Who in the world could have imagined the billionaire could dance so well. At one point, he even stripped off his jacket, revealing his T-Shirt.Watch the Video:

Two teenagers took it upon themselves to save the koalas from raging fires in Australia. They drove around and filled their car with batch of koalas. A video of their deed has been shared online and getting all praises. Watch the video here:

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Hello Wednesday! It is the humpday again. While the weekend is not really far away. The internet busy sharing humpday memes and jokes. The usual trending hashtags of Wednesday are taking over this morning as. It is all about #WednesdayMotivation, #WednesdayFeels and #WednesdayThoughts! People are sharing there favourite Wednesday motivation quotes and thoughts while making the days of other people better. These quotes and thoughts are to uplift each other and give the day a good kickstart.

Internet is also occupied with celeb birthday wishes. There seems to be quite a lot of celeb birthdays today. It is Sagarika Ghatge's Birthday and her fans are going crazy online. It is also Stephen Hawking's birth anniversary. His picture posts have taken over social media. It is also Kim Jong-un, Saeed Jaffrey and

Josh Hazlewood's birthday. While wishes are all over the place, people are also sharing their thoughts for #AustraliaBushfires.

Apart from all that the viral baby videos and funny memes have their regular share of space online. There are memes and jokes doing the rounds too. Well, we are all set to keep you updated with the day's event everything trending online. From all areas of life be it sports, entertainment, politics or lifestyle, anything that is on the trending page, we have you covered. In this viral live blog, we will keep you updated with anything that goes viral and hits the trending page. Be it a super cute video or funny memes, we will keep updating you from time to time about the happenings in the world, not just India. Stay tuned.