A handsome goat with 'pop star looks' is latest to hold social media's attention. Pictures and videos of the goat have gone viral on social media. Ramos, an 11-month-old billy goat at Muhammad Livestock Farm in Perak, Malaysia is the latest internet sensation. Read the entire story here.

FaceApp filter has gripped social media users. People have taken to Twitter posting pictures of how they would look when they grow old. Celebs were among the first ones to use the app and post pictures on social media.

Varun Dhawan Posts Pic of His Older Version:


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Instagrammer Bianca Devins was killed by boyfriend earlier this week. He slit her throat and shared pictures of the dead body on Instagram. Read the entire story here.

A Texas-based wedding photographer is calling out a smartphone user who blocked an important shot during a wedding. Photographer Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley of Hannah Way Photography was shooting a wedding recently when a guest blocked the view with a smartphone.

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About 18 months ago, the pooch’s owner died in a car accident, the spot is seven and half a miles away from their home. Ever since then the loyal dog refused to move from the scene in Nafpaktos, Greece. Many locals have tried to adopt the pooch, but it would always come back to the spot. Hence they built the pet a small kennel, where the fatal crash happened. Read full story here.

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A Tennessee police department has warned residents to stop flushing drugs down the toilet. Officials said that marine animals are getting high on meth and other drugs that people are draining down their toilets. The incident came to light after a man was arrested trying to flush methamphetamine and paraphernalia from his home. Check the story here.

A math sum posted on Twitter has made the internet scratch their heads to figure out the answer. A user named KJ Cheetham has posted a mathematics problem and given out the answer too but people can't add it up. The tweet is now going viral with people figuring out how is the answer adding up as mentioned in the question. Read the full story here.

A Math Meme

If you were in love with the dancing uncle, who insanely became an internet sensation last year, you are sure to fall for this one as well. Another dancing uncle appeared on Twitter and people are loving his crazy moves. We bet you will instantly charge up yourself, the moment you see the viral video.

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The US Air Force warns people attempting to visit Area 51, but the preparations to free the aliens are on. This viral Instagram video showing man who undergo rigorous training to raid Area 51 is cracking up the netizens. Read the full story here.

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Guru Purnima is a traditional celebration observed mostly by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains to honour their leaders and teachers for their efforts. On the event of Guru Purnima 2019, people online are sharing messages to pay respect to their teachers, guides and mentors.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wishes the Role Models of Society

Honour to Those Who Made a Difference in Your Life

Greetings on Guru Purnima

With the beginning of the week comes new hashtags and trends marking various events. Apart from traditional #TuesdayThoughts and #TuesdayMotivation, Twitterati in India sees #MyGuruMyPride as they celebrate Guru Purnima 2019. Dedicated to the spiritual and academic teachers, people online are sharing their warm greetings and thankful quotes for teaching them significant life lessons. These are the early Tuesday morning hashtags that are currently dominating the top trends on Twitter. Through this live blog, we will keep you updated with what else netizens are sharing today, July 16, 2019. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach Spews Out Plastic Waste On the Shore! Netizens Concerned (Read Tweets). 

Another important event is that July 16 and July 17, people across will witness a partial lunar eclipse in India. This is the last lunar eclipse this year. Again, the celestial event after 149 years coincides with Guru Purnima and the significance is cherished by the individuals alike. Throughout the day we are expecting to see some beautiful moment captured by the individual honouring these events. Besides, #SareeTwitter has been trending since last night, with women sharing pictures of themselves donned in beautiful sarees. The images are going viral online.

With the help of this blog, we will keep you updated with all the recent events running across the world. Stay tuned with us, to know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes shared by the netizens today.