Are you fascinated by snakes? Not everyone is, most people feel creeped out at the slightest sight of these slithering reptiles. But their rescue videos often grab all eyes. Recently, a very long cobra, measuring almost 15-feet was rescued from Tamil Nadu. The long snake found the snake in Narasipuram village in Thondamuthur of Coimbatore. The snake was rescued and released into the Siruvani forest area by officials. The video of the snake was shared on Twitter and people are shocked by seeing its size. So how long can cobra snakes grow? Cobras are among the longest of all venomous snakes, that can grow up to 18 feet! Cobra Snake Gets Stuck in Beer Can at Odisha, Locals Rescue and Release it Into Wild (View Pics).

Video of the snake rescue from Tamil Nadu is going viral. It shows that the snake was reluctant to go into the bag and wanted to move about. Netizens even had some funny reactions to it. But the sheer length of this snake can send chills down the spine. 14-Foot-Long King Cobra Caught in Assam's Jiajuri Tea Estate, View Pics!

Check The Viral Video Here:

Scary right? King Cobras are the world's longest venomous snakes. An adult can grow p 10 to 13 feet. The longest recorded snake is 19.2 feet. These venomous snakes have the ability to almost stand and look into the person's eye. But they are mostly shy and avoid human contact. They are highly venomous and can deliver multiple bites in a single attack. They have a high pitch hiss which is often called a "growl". Their toxins can seriously damage the nervous system and person can die within 30 minutes if not tended.

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