Facebook Rolls out A Downvote Button in Comments for Preventing Fake News
Facebook (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Facebook, a leading social media platform has started rolling out a new downvote button in comments enabling the people to hide content from its site and reporting the site about the content. As per the report from various publications, the social media giant is currently testing the new downvote button which is actually a report button for notifying about the inappropriate content. Read More: After Facebook Row, Now Twitter in Question! Reports Suggest Micro-Blogging Platform Sold Data to Cambridge Analytica

Already tested for the US users, the company is now rolling out the new tool for users as well. With the tweets rolling out from the users, it seems that majority of the Facebook users have started receiving the new tool in Australia and New Zealand.

When the Downvote button is clicked by a Facebook user, the comment gets hidden and it further requests a context for the action which need to be selected from the specific categories such as offensive, misleading and off topic reports TechCrunch. See More: Facebook Rolls out Recharge Feature: Pre-Paid Mobile Users in India Can Pay Online Via FB

With this new strategy, the social networking platform is looking downsizing the hesitant stories for preventing the falsehood on its platform. In order to combat fake stories, the company wants the Facebook users to miss such kind of stories on their News Feed, however, not withdrawing them completely thus ensuring a thin line between censorship and sensibility.

On verifying the article as inaccurate by Facebook’s third-party fact-checkers, Facebook will shrink the size of the link post in the News Feed. A Facebook spokesperson mentioned that, “We reduce the visual prominence of feed stories that are fact-checked false.” The company is also employing machine learning to understand and located newly published articles and scanning them for falsehood.