Aliens Here or The Moon is on Earth? Giant Spinning Ice Disc Seen in US' Maine River Sparks Theories (Watch Video)
Giant ice disk in waters of Maine (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

A strange natural phenomenon is seen in the Presumpscot River in Maine and some people are already losing their minds. A disc of ice is seen rotating in the river waters and the speculations have begun if extra-terrestrials are making their presence felt! Well, this strange disc of ice is now inviting a lot of people to come to Maine to get clicked along with it. Some people on social media have compared it with the moon on earth! A video of the ice circle is already being shared widely on the internet. Theories about aliens and UFOs were discussed among some. UFO Shaped Cloud Appears Over Moscow, Causes Frenzy Among People, Watch Video!

The frozen circle is about 300 feet and has suddenly appeared in the river. The water is frozen and is turning around with the force of the water current. But one cannot unsee the resemble of its shape like a UFO appearance. Such spinning ice discs are quite unusual but while they will melt away, they are exciting to watch. A lot of people are gathering around the river to get a glimpse of these ice discs. Is That a UFO? Trail of White Light Spotted in Skies Over China (Watch Video).

Watch Video of Strange Ice Disc Floating at a River in Maine

Doesn't it look amazing? It sure looks like a moon structure floating around in the river. Just as humans are intrigued by the structure, even water animals were amused. A local man alerted the press saying he saw ducks sitting on it. "The ducks were rotating on this big Lazy Susan. It was a big duck-go-round," he was quoted.

Watch Video of Ducks Enjoying on the Ice Disc

Tina Radel, city's marketing and communications manager was quoted, "the ice disk 'does not appear to be going up or downstream at this time.' She also added that as more and more ice forms, it will only get bigger. It was the Westbrook citizens who first noticed this giant disc and the wild speculative theories began.