UFO Spotted in Florida Skies? Google Maps Capture Mysterious Object Near the Bermuda Triangle
UFO (Photo Credits: Pixabay, Representational Image)

It seems with the year coming to an end, we have spotted yet another UFO in the skies. A Google Maps user pointed a mysterious looking object in the skies about a Florida swamp. The spotting has once again started talks about aliens and their visits to the planet on social media. The strange looking object was seen outside the popular Bermuda Triangle, an area of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The strange thing is partly blurred and even when zoomed in, is difficult to understand clearly. It is multi-coloured and slightly ovular in shape. The image also makes it difficult to judge the distance at which it is seen, either among the clouds or above the trees. UFO in Irish Skies? Pilots Report Seeing Mysterious Objects and Bright Lights, Investigations On!

Check out the photo that is going viral:

According to The Sun, the object was spotted in the Big Cypress National Preserve located in southern Florida. While most social media users think it is purported while others believe it to be something supernatural. There are also some who believe it is a butterfly caught on camera. People claim it could be a fast-moving butterfly caught in a single shot on Google Street View.

This isn't the first time strange things have been spotted on Google Street View. Multiple times in the past, Google users have seen different strange objects in skies initiating discussions on social media. However, we have no clear understanding of what space holds. Earlier this year there have been multiple reports of NASA sending messages to aliens.