New Delhi, May 31 : Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has issued a warning to its employees to strictly adhere to the company’s work from office policy.

The IT giant has issued memos to its employees warning them of dire consequences if they fail to comply with the office rules and work from office for the minimum required time period per month.

TCS wants its employees to work from office at least three days a week or 12 days every month. The company’s latest warning memo read that the employees are warned and directed to begin reporting to work from their office location according to the assigned roster with immediate effect, as per the reports. WhatsApp Feature Update: Business Users To Get Status Archive Feature, Here's How It Will Work.

When enquired, TCS has revealed that a lot of new employees have joined the company over the last two years’ time, and it is imperative for all the employees to know the office and deliver good results. The IT company believes that working from office offers its employees better chances to achieve their objectives, and expects them to work from office for a few days a week. Thus, the company is making it mandatory for its employees to follow the office rules.

The company spokesperson commented saying that the company wishes all the employees to be a part of the buzzing, vibrant ecosystem of the office campus. Employees need to experience the TCS environment to learn, collaborate and have fun to develop a strong sense of belonging to the organization to help yield better results. Artificial Intelligence Threatens Extinction, Experts Say in New Warning.

TCS has asked to complete the 12 day office attendance to those employees who want to work from home for more than two days a week. This means that a person can work for any number of days, as long as they meet the mandatory 12-day work from office period by adjusting their time schedule.

TCS has not offered any clarifications about what strict measures would be taken against the employees, who fail to comply with the current work from office policy. Earlier, the IT giant clearly mentioned to its old employees that working from office is mandatory, failing which there will be salary deductions or leave deductions.

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