You Can Now Wear Kim Kardashian's Butt! Here's How You Can Get Hourglass Figure Easily
You can now wear Kim Kardashian's butt (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Who doesn't want butts like Kim Kardashian? Huge, in shape, just perfect! It is not easy to maintain your figure for a butt like that. However, if you crave to have a but like that you can now wear one. Confused? Well, you are not the only one. Now you can purchase wearable model of Kardashian's famous butt. An innovative creation of New York-based Scandinavian conceptual artists Ida Jonsson, 22, and Simon Saarinen, 24, and Swedish fashion designer Beate Karlsson, 24, "The Bum," can be worn to get an illusion of having buttocks like Kim K. "The Bum" was first seen at the New York Fashion Week. Kim Kardashian’s Butt Can Now Be Yours With 3D Print!

The faux butt was worn by Karlsson and not underneath anything. In fact, she wore them like shorts, making a statement. The look looked more like the replica of Kardashian’s go-to biker shorts with flexible silicone. Kim Kardashian has yet commented on the statement piece yet. Karlsson paired the wearable bum with bold sunglasses, a red puffer coat, a denim tube top. For the footwear, she chose a pair of open-toed over-the-knee boots.  Inserting Crochet Tampons Into Your Vagina as a Reusable, Eco-Friendly Alternative Is a BAD Idea!

Karlsson captioned the Instagram picture by presenting the piece with a caption that read, "Presenting Our Kim K Wearable Bum Today for the First Time Ever During NYFW. More Info Coming Soon !!! Thanks to All Who Made This Possible !" Homemade Tampons: Here's Why You Should NEVER Use DIY Tampons During Periods. 

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Netizens have all kinds of responses to the new Kim Kardashian, wearable butt. While some are totally drooling over the innovation, some just cannot stop making jokes. Someone on Instagram wrote, "FANTASTIC ! (let me know when the Kanye W version is out. Size M please... )" Some people didn't like it a lot though! One of the commenters wrote, "Just cuz of her ass is iconic?? Seriously people are being blind this days Only looking at the bottom."