Today marks the celebration of National Girlfriends Day in the US. It is not exactly clear whether this day celebrates girl pals or romantic partners, but it is essentially about celebrating girl. Women post encouraging messages, pictures and wishes for their best pals. And with National Girlfriends Day already trending on social media, we get it if you are wondering whether there is a boyfriends day? Yes, there is. National Boyfriend Day is marked on October 3 every year. National Girlfriends Day 2020 Messages Trend Online: Netizens Share Photos and Lovely Wishes Appreciating Their Girl Friends and Romantic Partners.

There are special holidays marked around the year that honour different relations in one's lives. Like National Girlfriends day is being marked today, National Boyfriends Day is celebrated on October 3 in the US. Eventually, the celebration does pass on to other parts of the world with its popularity over social media. As the name pretty much conveys it is a day dedicated to your lover, partner, husband. This day is about showering your guy with all the love and let him know how much they mean to you. It is about making them feel special and loved. It is a day to let them know what's attractive about them, why you love them. Boyfriends bring unique meaning to our lives. From romantic date evenings, each relationship has something special which would be incomplete without the other person. And boyfriend day is just about reminding them how much they mean to you. Boyfriend Day 2019: Funny and Relatable Memes That Will Make You Say ‘He’s Crazy, but He’s Mine’. 

The first of August is celebrated as National Girlfriends Day, one that honours all girls and encourages female friendships. Girls, you already know how much your girls mean to you and today is all about honouring them and showing your love.

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