At the end of each year, we change our calendars, decide tons of resolutions, make plans with family and friends, list out all the dos and don'ts for the upcoming year! In short, there is always a set of positive plans of action for the forthcoming new year. Depending on how you see it; A normal new year's eve can be like a festive opportunity to throw a jamboree, toast your loved ones, and bid the past year a goodbye for a fresh start! Given the situation, the pandemic is still accelerating with new variants. So, a big festive party is definitely not a good idea. Even if your champagne toast is not possible, you can certainly try out these 5 fascinating traditions from around the world that will bring you good fortune, prosperity, wellbeing, and a streak of good luck in the coming year. Realistic New Year Resolutions for 2022 You Can Actually Accomplish in the Coming Year.

1. Romania-Put Your Money Under The Rug 

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To have more cash flow next year, consider saving it all up for New Year’s Eve,  just like some Romanians do before the clock ticks midnight. The group of Eastern Europeans believe that putting bills under the carpet before 12 guarantees a prosperous and booming year ahead. Give it a shot this time, as it also said that following this tradition will keep the envious spirits away.

2. Spain- 12 Grapes For 12 Seconds

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In Spain, locals will eat exactly 12 grapes at the stroke of midnight to celebrate a strange tradition that started in the late 19th century. The 12 seconds and the pace at which you chow down the grapes will determine your fate for next year. Gobble down the 12 grapes in time and 12 months of good luck will come your way.

3. Denmark- Splash Plates And Crocekeries 

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Imagine shattering plates, crockeries, and cups against your friend's door to wish them a happy new year! Well, the Danes follow this bizarre new year tradition to ward off bad spirits and welcome happier vibes. So as they say, you can 'affectionately' throw all your unused plates against your friend's house to banish bad spirits.

4. Greece-Hanging Onion 

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The Greeks believe that onions are a symbol of 'rebirth', and so they hang the pungent vegetable on their front doors in order to promote growth and wellbeing throughout the new year. Greek culture has long connected this food with the idea of development, seeing as all the odorous onion ever seemingly wants is to plant its roots and keep growing.

5. Japan-Ringing Bells 

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Buddhist temples in Japan ring their bells one hundred and seven times and once when the clock strikes midnight the last bell rings. That means in total one hundred and eight times. This tradition is known as joyanokane, and it is meant to both dispel the 108 evil desires in each and every human and cleanse the previous year of past sins.

This is how other countries all around the globe usher in the new year. How will you ring in 2022?

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