Kansas Woman Finds Snake Crawling on Gas Pump Machine's Touch Screen! Creepy Video Goes Viral
Snake on gas pump machine screen (Photo Credits: Video grab)

These days it seems like one can find snakes in the most unlikely places! A woman in Kansas went to fill gas in her vehicle and while she making a selection on the machine, a snake slithered on the touch screen! Holly Malkames from Kansas had this unusual encounter with the slithering reptile at the Minit Mart gas station in Gardner. She shared a creepy video which shows the snakes moving behind the touch screen and it is now going viral on social media. Pythons Mating on Rooftop in Cairns Crash Through Ceiling Due to Their Weight (View Pics).

Malkames has sworn to never visit the same gas pump again as she is so creeped out. She first thought it was a piece of some rubber that had fallen into the machine until the snake started moving! She also mentioned that she thought it was one of the videos that some digital machines play but when she saw the head of the snake she was just too scared. She recalled the moment to ABC7, "I was so afraid that the snake was going to be coming back down out that side of the pump." North Carolina Driver Surprised by Snake Crawling on his Car’s Windshield; Watch Viral Video.

Watch Video of Snake Slithering on Machine Screen:

The video has over 38,000 views on Facebook and has left even other people creeped out. She informed the manager about the reptile who then removed the snake from the machine. Well, imagine something similar happening to you in an ATM machine, so creepy right?