Minneapolis Meteorologist Shows Some Serious #MomGoals! Wears Her Baby During Live Weather Reporting; Watch Viral Video
Mom Wears Her Baby During Live Weather Reporting (Photo Credits: Praedictix/ Facebook)

There is nothing better than coming across women setting an example, and yes there are a lot. Often, while you scroll your Instagram or even going through the news headlines, you will meet females beating the odds in the society. In a recent instance, a Minneapolis meteorologist is sending some serious mom goals after she boldly wore her 2-year-old son on her back during a live broadcast. In a bid to promote International Babywearing Week 2018; the journalist has since gone viral, and people just cannot get enough of her. Parents take notes as she shares a very empowering message to try babywearing. Supermom Padma Lakshmi Shows Multitasking Skills; Twitterati Showers Respect Ahead of Mother’s Day. 

Susie Martin, the director of operations and a meteorologist at Praedictix, a weather company appeared in the weekend forecast with her sleepy young son wrapped to her back in a purple and blue cloth; which she tied around her waist and shoulders. The company shared a short clip of the moment on their Facebook page, and Martin is now on many news headlines. As she began with her segment, she turned to reveal the sleeping little boy whom she referred mockingly as her, “handy assistant.” US News Anchor Reports on Her Own Daughter’s Death Due to Drug Overdose in a Heart-Breaking Video! 

Watch Martin with her baby on the back while live weather reporting. 

“It is International Babywearing Week so I thought I’d bring out my handy assistant today to help walk us through the forecast,” Martin begins showing off her yawning toddler. If you are wondering, why she feels so passionate to promote it; Martin wrote explained well to the weather service’s blog answering questions related to babywearing.

“Babywearing has been a passion of mine since my son came into my world. It has been an invaluable tool for me as a mother and helped me and my son bond during the early stages of infancy. Not only that, but it was and still is incredibly liberating to be able to comfort my child whilst doing other tasks, which has helped me be a happier mom,” writes Martin. New Zealand Minister Julie Genter Cycled to Hospital to Give Birth to Her Baby, Shares Pics on Social Media. 

She even said that her company officials have been very supportive of her being “not just as an employee, but as a mother.” International Babywearing Week, this year was observed from October 1 to October 7 to promote and focus people’s attention on the many benefits of babywearing. Netizens have all been in praise for Martin’s empowering act. If more people follow her example, women will not be discouraged from climbing the career ladder over fears that they would be unable to maintain, work and family, together.