A teacher’s job is never easy. Imagine twenty-five sets of speculative eyes are gazing at you. The air in the room is thick with tension, and the owners of those eyes are shifting in their seats. Legs are becoming restless. It could be the time for a big test of maybe they just got scolded from the previous class teacher. As a teacher, you need to make the classroom little less stressful, while still maintaining the discipline. Keeping their emotions and tiredness behind, teachers enter the classroom full of students with a smile, to make them comfortable and curious about the class. It is not always easy to put on that smiley face every day, in each class. A teacher was captured practising the same before entering a classroom, and it just shows how challenging the profession is and we must appreciate their efforts. The viral video shows the teacher, visibly tired and exhausted, forced a smile as he entered the class. The clip will inspire you to thank your teachers and mentors.

Teachers are the much-needed life in students’ life. We often came across moments that showed both the emotional and side-splitting sight of the profession. Amid the pandemic, both teachers and students had their own challenges in adapting this new normal of online zoom classes. However, the educators adopted their unique way to keep students entertained, making online teaching easier. The recent video going viral is an instance of the many challenges teachers go through while doing their regular activities.

The heartwarming moment showed the teacher, identified in reports as Chen Rongqiang was seen practising the happy face before entering into the class. The video is from Qinhuangdao, Hebei, in the Chinese province. He tidies his clothes, pushed his glasses, made a big smile and entered the classroom. As the clip went viral, he was quoted saying in media outlets that whenever he gets tired after classes, he would do push-ups to relax. He thinks a good mood can bring a positive influence on students.

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The viral video highlights the challenges a teacher may face, while fulfilling all the responsibilities. Their role is not easy, but a smile can always make it a little stressful for teachers and students. Thank your mentors today, for all their efforts.

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