Would You Text Your Number Neighbour? Messaging Unknown People Becomes New Fun Twitter Trend and The Results Are Awesome!
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Every few days a new trend comes on social media, either in the form of social media challenge or just people sharing their experiences on a common thread. The latest fun trend that has taken upon by Twitterati is messaging the phone 'number neighbour'. What is a number neighbour? It refers to a person who has just the last digit up or down of your own phone number. And people seem to be loving the idea. People have shared their experiences of chatting with their phone number neighbour on Twitter and some results are just too funny. ‘Name This Film, Wrong Answers Only’ Is the New Trend Going Viral on Twitter; Check Out Some of the Funniest Answers!

The idea is to send a text message on a phone number, just one digit ahead of your own number's last digit and see if you can have any conversation there. Seems interesting right? Well, some people excitedly tried it out and shared their results with everyone on Twitter to see. While someone got rude replies, others mentioned they got their BFFs in their number neighbour. #90sKidsRumors is Trending on Twitter and These Tweets Will Surely Make you Nostalgic of The Good Old Days.

Check Tweets About People Messaging Their Number Neighbour:

We just became BFFs!

Not interested

So cool!

That's a great bonding

Where is my number neighbour?

The idea sure seems interesting, but well as it says message on your own risk. You never know who could be on the other side and how they'd react. Do you plan to message your phone number neighbour? Don't forget to share your results with us if you do.