Captain Marvel: What is a Flerken? All About Goose the ‘Cat’, Carol Danvers’ Furry Sidekick (Spoilers Ahead)
Goose (Photo Credits: Marvel)

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

What a Women’s Day it was! Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel gave us all a masterclass in how a female superhero movie should be made without pandering to the male gaze (Take notes Wonder Woman’s makers). There was no dearth of mirth in this two-hour-long, Brie Larson-induced kickassery. But one breakout character who managed to steal a little bit of thunder from Larson was Goose the “cat”, which is a rather cutesy name for such a vicious killing machine. The tentacle-spewing Goose, we were told a few times in the film, is not a cat but a flerken. Here’s what we need to know about this highly-dangerous ball of fur.

Goose made an appearance early on in the movie in Carol Danvers’ memories. The ginger kitty is Danvers’ mentor Dr Wendy Lawson’s pet, who took an instant liking to Danvers. Initially, we thought that Talos’ seemingly exaggerated fear for the cat was just played for laughs. Even when the Kree Starforce muzzled Goose, we didn’t suspect how dangerous a thing Goose could be. The Post-Credit Scenes Details of Brie Larson’s Superhero Film Are Out and They Have an Avengers EndGame Connection.

Just when Nicky Fury and Maria Rambeau are cornered by the Starforce troops and their ammunition run out, Goose steps up by opening his mouth wide open, shooting hidden tentacles and swallowing the bad guys whole, much to everyone’s bewilderment. So it turns out that Talos was right all along. Goose is not a simple housecat. He’s a flerken. Captain Marvel’s Cat 'Goose' Has Left Korea Obsessed With a Photoshop Trend That Is Going Viral on Twitter; Check Out the Pictures!

Watch the adorable video of Goose from Captain Marvel below

What is a Flerken?

Flerkens are alien creatures that look and act like cats but are much more sinister than felines. And that's an understatement.

They are known to hide tentacles inside their mouths, which can be unleashed for offence or defence. It is said that they can hold universes within their mouths, which can be accessed at will.

They can swallow just about anything, no matter how big or insignificant. In the movie, Goose hides inside his mouth the tesseract, which he regurgitates in the end credits. Captain Marvel Movie Review: Brie Larson's Superhero Outing is Impressive and the Future of MCU Seems to be in Good Hands.

Despite looking and behaving like a cat, a flerken is oviparous, which means it lays eggs. At a time, a flerken can lay as many as a 100 eggs. They are considered highly lethal and supposed to possess human-level intellect. Muzzling a flerken will render it powerless because its mouth is its greatest weapon.

Who is Goose?

Goose’s name is based on actor Anthony Edwards’ character in Top Gun. The comic-book flerken on whom Goose is based is named Chewie and is Carol Danvers’ pet. Named after Star Wars’ Chewbacca, Chewie is considered a harmless cat until Rocket Racoon informed Danvers who Chewie really was.

“In addition to being vicious killers, they’re also living gateways to pocket dimensions. Look I gotta guy who’ll give you fifty thousand,” Rocket Racoon told Danvers in Captain Marvel No.7.

Not only is Chewie one of the most dangerous creatures of the Marvel Universe, but she is also extremely rare. Flerkens are a dwindling lot, with only a few remaining and are in high demand.

While they are quite fearsome to the enemies, flerkens are known to be loyal to their friends. Oddly, towards the end of the movie, Goose scratches Nick Fury’s eye viciously, which could be why Fury wears an eye patch.

We’re hoping to see and know more about Goose in Avengers: Endgame. There’s no saying what she has in store in that big stomach of hers. And if fan theories are to be believed, Goose may be the one to kill Thanos in the end.  And seeing what Goose is capable of, we don't see a reason why that cannot happen.