Kissing is one of the most common acts of expressing love and affection. Couples kiss each other anywhere and everywhere, be it head or lips, and every kiss has a very different meaning.

A kiss on the head may depict that your partner cares about you whereas a lip kiss might indicate that your partner is turned on and also that he is passionate about you. We at LatestLY, have compiled a list of different types of kisses and what do they mean between the couples so that the next time your partner kisses you, you know what that means.  Know Meaning of This Gross X-rated Kissing Style, How It Is Performed and Its Relation With Menstruation

Lizzy Kiss

Though the name sounds a bit weird this one signifies deep love, trust and mutual bonding. Just like a lizard sticks out its tongue, the partners stick out their tongues and kiss without the use of lips. This is a very sensual act and not all couples are comfortable doing it.

French Kiss

The most passionate of all kisses, the French kiss requires a lot of tongue work. It helps the couple to get closer than ever.

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss basically means rubbing noses. Couples do this when they are sharing a light moment and they express how much they love being with each other.

Kiss on The Back

Try this one only if you are ready to go forward. Done in a private space, a kiss on the back generally heats up the moment.

Drinking Kiss

If both you and your partner are in the mood to have some fun, then you must try this one. Take a sip of your favourite drink and pour it into your partner's mouth as you both kiss. This erotic kiss can sometimes turn out to be a messy one.

Lip Trace Kiss

This is a perfect one to keep your partner wanting more. Arouse your partner by tracing his lips with your tongue and then slowly kissing in between. This one signifies the strong bond between a couple.

Next time you feel like turning your partner on, do know the significance of each kiss that you can start to heat up the moment or take the things lightly however you wish to.

Happy kissing!

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