Dead Baby Shark Used To Make Bong in Australia! Smoker Defends His Action As Netizens Slam Him (Watch Video)
Dead shark used as bong (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Some humans are turning worst with their behaviour towards animals. Our activities have killed enough animals including marine life already. A new video that has been going viral on social media showed a fisherman using a dead baby shark as a makeshift bong! The video has sparked enough outrage and was taken down from Facebook. The man was seen using the body of a baby shark with two pipes protruding from his body. Shark Hangs Out of Fishermen's Car on Sydney Highway, Video Goes Viral.

The graphic video footage was posted on Facebook by a page called Fried Fishing. The short clip had the 'Baby Shark' song playing in the background and as soon as the song played, the man in the video brought the shark body close to him and smoking from the pipe emerging from its fin. The video received severe backlash from the people and everyone wanted to know the man who had the audacity of such actions. He was only identified as Billy and it was later reported that he was leaving social media for his mental health. Shark Swallowed by Another Massive Fish in This Video is Shocking!

Watch Video of Man Making a Bong Out of Baby Shark's Dead Body

Isn't it outrageous? What is even more ridiculous is the page members defending the man's actions by saying the shark was already dead! They explained, "the shark was 'caught by my mate when we were fishing for mangrove jacks on Friday. After two nights left in the ice box I came up with the idea. There is no possible way it was alive." They also added that it wasn't illicit drugs but legal tobacco.

The video was watched over a lakh time and considering the comments it was later removed from the Facebook page. The page, in fact, has a repute for posting such gory pictures and videos of sea creatures. The volume of complaints was so many that the group had to approach the police. It is indeed a shameful act that was posted as entertainment means on social media.