Salman Khan Or The Viral Shepherd? Who Smiled Better in This Viral TikTok Video Made On Hum Apke Hain Kaun's Famous Song
Goatherd's smile on viral Tiktok video (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If you are a social media addict just like us, you must have noticed a video of a man shepherding his cattle while performing on a famous Salman Khan song that went viral. The video depicts a shepherd who used TikTok brilliantly to lip-sync to a paragraph from Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit's famous number, "Yeh Mausam Ka Jaadu Hai Mitwa" from Hum Aapke Hain Koun by the famous Rajshri Productions. While the song is dedicated to Madhuri in the movie the shepherd seemingly dedicates to his goats. The video has gone viral ever since it was uploaded for his perfectly-timed expressions and smile. The lyrics of the song in Hindi are: "Inko hum leke chale hai, apne sang apni nagariya" which when translated in English means: "Taking them to my world along with me". OMG OMG Girl Nithya and Fun Bucket Bharghav Are a TikTok Pair With 4 Million Followers and People Love Watching Their Funny Videos!

The internet is in love with the expressions of the man and more-specifically his smile. People are now comparing his smile to Salman's while singing praises for him. But that has really left us wondering who has got a better smile? We know Salman has a million-dollar smile, but the shepherd's is no less!

Well, thanks to Karthik‏ who goes by @beastoftraal on Twitter, we have a merged version of both the performances and honestly, we are confused. Pardon us if you are a hardcore Salman Khan fan but you will have to give it to the shepherd's smile!

Check Out The Merged Video Featuring Both Salman and The shepherd:

Well, looks like we have a tie here because we love them both! What do you think?

Who Has a Better Smile? Salman Khan Or The Viral Goatherd from TikTok?

0%Salman Khan
0%Viral Goatherd

While Tik Tok may be an app that seems more accessible to the urban people, many TikTok users from rural India have surprised us beyond imagination. The video-sharing platform has surely given a voice to everyone. Never have we ever seen such enthusiasm and talent on social media from the non-urbanites, than after TikTok became popular. There are so many hit-makers on TikTok that will leave you shocked with their acting skills. Earlier this year, a woman in a saree, presumably from the rural area with pallu on her forehead is going viral for her really cute TikTok video on the song 'Cheap Thrills' by Sia. She can be seen carry dry wood sticks probably for fuel but her mesmerising smile and beautiful expressions have made it a sweet desi version of Cheap Thrills that no one ever imagined.