Mumbai, May 30: A 24-year-old man accepted his friend's challenge to take a bath on the crowded Panneerselvam Park signal in Erode in an effort to attract more Instagram followers.

He won the bet of merely Rs 10, and on Sunday, he uploaded a video of his performance to his Instagram page. If it weren't for the traffic cops who interrupted M Farook's celebration by fining him $3,500 and chastising him for breaking traffic laws, he would have gotten everything he wanted. Ghaziabad: Instagram Influencer Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail Stops Car on Highway To Shoot Reel, Fined Rs 17,000 by Traffic Police After Video Goes Viral.

Man Takes Bath on Road:

We told him that he would be arrested if he continued to engage in such actions, according to district superintendent of police G Jawahar.

"At the crowded intersection on Sunday, he doused himself in water. He explained to observers what he was doing as an effort to escape the heat. He captured the incident on camera and shared it online."

The SP had already instructed the traffic police to penalise him after learning about the footage. On Monday, police obeyed his orders, he added.

Previously this year, after one of her online reels went viral, a social media influencer found herself in trouble. Influencer Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail, who happens to be quite popular on video sharing platform Instagram, was fined Rs 17,000 for annoying commuters on a congested motorway. Kim Kardashian Pays $1.26 Million Fine for Promoting Illegal Crypto Investment Scheme on Instagram. 

The viral video shows the content producer stopping her vehicle midway on the side of a congested elevated motorway in the Ghaziabad area of Uttar Pradesh, and posing for the camera.

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