How to Remove Earwax? This Viral Video Is Disgusting and Satisfying in Equal Parts
Viral Earwax Extraction Video (Photo Credits:Twitter/Insider)

Keeping your ears clean is very healthy hygiene practice. Although, the ear wax has a special role to play in your body functioning, sometimes when there is too much of ear wax, hindering your hearing abilities one must visit a medical professional and get it cleaned. While this has always been seen as a hygiene practice, recently a viral video has proved that some people actually find the whole process extremely satisfying to watch. Dandruff-Scraping Videos Have Taken Over Pimple-Popping As The Most Grossly Satisfying Videos On The Internet. 

An earwax extraction video is going viral on the internet that shows ear wax being removed from people's ears is being liked by a surprising a large number of people. The video was tweeted out by Insider on Twitter and it is a compilation video shows earwax extraction carried out on 3 people by an ENT surgeon. Shot at Los Angeles centre for ENT and Allergy, the video shows the inside of the ear cavity, and wax clean-up can clearly be seen because of specialised camera used. Watch viral video:

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Dandruff scraping videos are the latest viral trend that apparently looks 'satisfying' even though most people will find them extremely gross. These videos include scrubbing dandruff filled scalp with a small brush so that the dandruff flakes fall off. It cleans off the scalp that way.