Polish Airlines Flight LOT Ask Passengers to Contribute for Plane’s Repair Amid Delay on the Runway
Polish Airlines Flight LOT (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Travelling does not have to be expensive, but airline tickets often are. We all know flying comes with extra cost only, unless you are a pro to discover cheaper rates. A pillow, a blanket, a meal or even a cup of that sickening black coffee comes with an over-priced tag. At recent, a Polish Airlines Flight, LOT went a bit too far when the passengers were asked to contribute for the repairs so that the flight could take off. Not to mention, the airlines accept only cash! Boeing Passenger Plane Hits and Kills Armenian Man on Runway at Moscow Airport. 

As reported by the Daily Mail, the plane was suffering from a hydraulic pump fault, and the plane’s mechanic refused to be paid in anything but cash for the replacement of the pump. The incident occurred on November 12 at the Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK). A collection was organised from 250 passengers, and the travellers at the LOT Polish Airlines flight together contributed over 280 Euros (over Rs. 22,000) cash. Further, the passengers faced about a 10-hour wait for the repairs to be done before the significantly delayed flight could take off to Warsaw.

A passenger Daniel Golebiowski was quoted in Metro as saying, “We are at the international airport. I cannot believe that transactions take place here in cash under the table with the mechanic standing next to the plane. Incredible.” However, the statement released by LOT representatives claimed that the manager had asked money only from those whom he knew. The airlines further apologised to the passengers for the inconvenience caused, and the passengers’ money were reimbursed after they arrived in Warsaw and were given vouchers as well for compensating the delay. The World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight Will Be 20-Hour Long Journey From Sydney to London and Will Also Have Gym Inside!

Arian Kubicki, LOT Polish Airlines said, “I know that you encountered an unusual situation today, for which I would like to apologise for from the bottom of my heart. Believe it nor not, but there was a situation with a warehouse employee in Beijing who refused all methods of payment other than cash which led to the confusion. Nevertheless, I am grateful to him and that the flight returned safely to Warsaw.”