Liverpool, January 21: Paul Gallagher, an absconded prisoner on the run for nearly two years, was apprehended with a gun in his trousers before trying to broker a cocaine deal with undercover police at Dixy Chicken. Originally sentenced to five years in 2011 for possession of a prohibited weapon, Gallagher, found 22 months later in a pub, faced new charges related to drug dealing. According to the Mirror report, Gallagher's criminal history includes a 2011 conviction for possession of a prohibited weapon, where he was caught with a lethal weapon concealed in his trousers during a routine taxi stop.

Gallagher, who had been released in 2013, resurfaced in 2020 as part of a drug-selling gang involved in distributing "super strength" cocaine and heroin. According to a report by the Liverpool Echo, despite being part of Operation Finberry, which led to the recovery of significant amounts of drugs between 2014 and 2015, Gallagher managed to evade arrest until Valentine's Day in 2020. Upon arrest, he claimed memory loss and denied involvement in unlawful activities. UK: Man Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Caused Brain Injury, Sues Pharma Giant AstraZeneca.

The Liverpool Crown Court heard that Gallagher, now 39, played a significant role in brokering drug deals and was sentenced to five years and seven months for conspiracy to supply cocaine. The court also learned about his escape from HMP Kirkham in Lancashire in January 2022, where he absconded after being due for release on license. Gallagher was only apprehended in November 2022, claiming struggles with mental health and dealing with his brother's passing during his time at large. UK Car Theft Video: Robbers Steal Rolls Royce Using Antenna to Pick Owner’s Key Signal in Essex.

For escaping lawful custody, Gallagher was handed an additional six months in jail. The court expressed scepticism about his reasons for escaping and emphasised the seriousness of his actions. Despite his assertion of living hand-to-mouth while on the run, Gallagher's extensive criminal record and the circumstances of his escape raise concerns about his involvement in criminal activities during his time at liberty.

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