We all know that most men have hair all over their body and lots of it, if I may say so. While some like to keep it au natural, there are others who prefer grooming themselves time and again. Gone are the days when only women spent hours at a salon, nowadays men are equally (sometimes more) conscious about how they look. And there is nothing wrong with it. After all you are a man and not a bear. Body grooming makes a person more attractive, hygienic and boosts self-confidence. Manscaping is a technique of removing or trimming of hair on a man’s body. Today we will talk about how a man should shave their balls and around their junk. The right technique is important as we are dealing with a sensitive organ. No Shave November Month: Seven Easy Ways to Maintain Healthy Facial Hair.

Many men shave their chest hair and even wax hands and legs. Of course, grooming is important but hair on some body parts can be left alone, for eg, hands, legs and even chest (depending on the growth). Many women do like chest hair, in case you weren’t aware. With the ongoing No Shave November (Movember) month, many men will be sporting moustaches and beards. A well-trimmed and groomed facial hair enhances a man’s personality and make them look attractive. A tidy beard is any day preferable than hair growing like bush everywhere from your face. Shaving down under is a debatable. Some like it and some don’t, but we tell you what steps to keep in mind when you are attempting to shave your balls. Easy Summer Grooming Tips for Men in Pics: Cleanse Daily, Shampoo Regularly, Stay Hydrated & More to Look Your Best!

How to Safely Shave Your Balls

1 Clean Tools: Whether it’s a pair of scissors, razors or any other tool, make sure you have designated it solely for your hair down under. There are certain bacteria that live in the groin area and you don’t want to mix up your tools. Before beginning, wet the hair with lukewarm water so that the cuticles open and the process becomes easier.

2 Save Some Hair: Keep a short length, you don’t have to go completely bald. If you are first timer, do not mow the entire bush. Shaving and razors can cause redness, itchiness and if not done properly, it can cause ingrowth. A decent trim is good enough.

3 Shave in Shower: Do not shave when your pubes are dry. Shaving in the shower is helpful as the warm water will soften the skin and removes the dirt and oil. Water will also prevent the hair from pulling. Instead of soap, use a more moisturising lubricant like a shave gel or aloe gels. This will avoid irritation and red ant-bumps.

4 Extra TLC Near the Balls: There are multiple folds and loose skin near the balls, so you need to pay extra caution when taking the razor close to the sensitive area. A minor cut can cause bacteria and lead up to infection. Make sure you position your tool in right direction and be slow near your balls.

5 Shave in the Direction of Hair Growth: Do not shave in the direction your hair is not used to. Always go in the direction of the hair. This will avoid unnecessary rashness and in growth. There is also less risk for your hair to get tugged in the razor.

Hair near the pubes are coarser and curlier. So, itching can be caused especially if you are doing it for the first time. Avoid the prickly feeling by applying a good moisturiser or a lotion. Clean the area well after shaving or trimming. If there is excess itching, you might need to visit a doctor who can prescribe you a steroid or antibacterial cream. Now that we have given you a low-down on how to groom below your belt, give it a shot.

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