Do You Know Playing LEGO is a Job? From Sleeping to Eating Chocolates Here Are 10 Coolest Jobs in The World
Eating chocolate and taking care of private island is a job (Photo credits: Pixabay)

Marc Anthony has given the world a brilliant quote when he said, "Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life." But as inspiring as it may sound, it is really difficult, more so in today's competitive world to convert your love and passion into a source of paying your bills. While some people have really made it their way, there are a countless number of people who are struggling with their passion and have very much of 'real jobs' to do. But recently a man from Manchester has got his dream job of Lego builder at the Lego centre.

We have grown up as younger architects of the world, playing Lego but for James Windle, it has been an addiction. From being a supermarket worker he has secured a job as a master Lego builder. He is now among the 24 master builders in the world and his work is to create and build masterpieces. Sounds cool, right? Playing all day is basically the job that will pay him. But there are other such cool jobs in the world which you may find funny but they very much exist. Harry Potter Fans Rejoice! Lego Is Releasing a 6,020-Piece Hogwarts Set. 

10 Coolest Jobs in the World

Professional Sleeper

You literally just have to sleep on the job! You have to just sleep while the scientists can study the brain and other activities of the human body. Mostly it is the hospitals who offer this job vacancy. You will have some wires connected to your body for the study but you can still sleep comfortably.

Luxury Bed Tester

If sleeping wasn't enough, now you have the comfort of the bedding too. You have to test various types of beddings, ones that will go in the luxurious hospitality services later. The pay may be significantly low but hey, you get to sleep on some of the most comfortable beddings. Some stores too, have these provisions of employing a luxury bed tester.

Waterslide Tester

Water babies, this job is clearly for you. If you love thrilling water rides than you can be paid to just test which ride is thrilling and which isn't. What's more, you also get to travel to some really good places which has such rides. You need to slide down and test the smoothness and whether or not it gives you the adrenaline rush. Go, make that splash!

Seat Filler

Sit in the best of the company, surrounded by celebs and A-listers as a seat filler! Yes, that is a job which is carried out at certain functions and award shows. You need to be well-dressed, plaster a smile on your face and sit through the event. It is carried out on reality TV shows as well but the pay can be very less and the shooting schedule tiring.

Chocolate Reviewer

Your mother may restrict you from eating too much chocolate but what if you tell her it pays? Tasting chocolate and reviewing it is also a very real job. You get to eat some of the newest chocolates in the world and then have to give your feedback with regards to the taste and if any improvements. Other than binging on chocolates it also pays well.

Live Stream Eater

Koreans have a profile of live stream eater, where you basically need to eat while you are being filmed live. There is an actual audience in thousands for this so you cannot be camera conscious. You need to be entertaining while you eat and enjoy the food. You can be comic, wild or descriptive and you get paid well too.

Private Island Caretaker

Imagine having a private island to your own! You can work as a caretaker of one and write about it. Live by the beach, enjoy the sun, participate in the water activities and just write down about all the blogs. But this job is equally challenging and there is immense competition to fill in. So you might even have to compete with 50,000 applicants to get an island to yourself. Royal Caribbean's Private Island Cruise is Modernising Further With Hot Air Balloons, 135-Foot Water Slide And Enhanced Nightlife. 

Fortune Cookie Writer

We all reading fortune cookies, wanting to know what they hold for us. But there is a chance to write these messages for others by becoming a fortune cookie writer. You have to write one-liners that are also encouraging. You need to be brilliant with your ideas and they should not be repetitive.

Ferrari Shopper

Ferrari is not very affordable to everyone, naturally, the priced vehicle would have busy owners too. So if you are an auto enthusiast and a good driver then you can travel around the world, check the finest car, test drive them for your clients before they actually purchase it. You get to ride the luce car before the owner does and that is sure something.

Disneyland Imaginer

Young or old, Disneyland castle is a dream place to be. Now unleash the child in you, thinking about some of the coolest stuff you'd like to see at the theme park. You need to write it out, create and exhibit it as it will look depending on your expertise and then just watch it grow. Wow! So imagine cartoons or just don their attire and play around with the kids, these jobs at Disneyland let you revisit childhood.

These jobs are very much real and you get paid really well for some of them. Yes, guys cool jobs do exist and some will effectively pay your bills. Aren't you considering putting in your resignation too? Do let us know in the comments section which one is your favourite.